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Top 5 Restaurants in Jacksonville, Florida

Top 5 Restaurants

(at least in my opinion)

5. Fu Hao Bistro

Fu Haow Bistro is a new Asian restaurant in the heart of 5 Points. Once an optometrist, the restaurant was a welcome addition to the budding area. Once you step in, you will be greeted by a warm welcoming area with colorful lights. Which, of course, I think are a little too much, but that pales in comparison to the rest of the place. I was glad to see that the booths are high enough that I could not see the other people at the other table, we were surrounded by our own private area!

The food was beyond belief! We ordered the General Tso’s Chicken and Chicken and Asparagus. The chicken was wrapped around the Asparagus! Presentation could not get any better. In addition, the taste was phenomenal. The chefs took great care in preparing just the perfect meal.

It is a new restaurant, so I hope they keep it up.

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4. Judson’s

Judson’s is relatively known to few people. Located near St. Vincent’s hospital, Judson’s is convenient to travelers on Riverside and Park Street. I have always been a huge fan of the Pasta dishes there, always having the Pasta with Pasta Salad. I know, pasta overload, but when you find a good thing, you must stick with it! I have been going to Judson’s for years, and have never been disappointed in their food.

Cooked in front of you, you will notice that it is guaranteed fresh! Only open for lunch, this restaurant is a must when you have a chance to go!

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3. Renna’s Pizza – Baymeadows/Argyle Forest

I debated putting Renna’s Pizza on this list; however, while I am making this list, I am considering all the restaurants that I could not get enough of. Renna’s Pizza is a restaurant that I have been going to since 1996. Without fail, I always finish their food. The pizza is true New York style pizza. I always ask them to crisp the bottom, and they are the one and only pizzeria that could perfect this.

The spaghetti and meatballs is a sure fire way to fill the stomach. The sauce is not that of a sour or sweet sauce, it is just right. Just like your mother would serve it! I have always ventured out to Renna’s for lunches. With locations situated around the city, they are a quick run! It is worth taking 15 minutes out of your 30 minute lunch break to chow down on some pizza or calzones!

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2. European Street – Riverside

After visiting the San Marco European Street, I have vowed to only go to this European Street. Religiously, I always get the Blue Max with no kraut. I love this location and the ambiance it provides. You will notice there are pictures on the wall regarding the old function of this building as a gas station. It is a great addition to the Park Street community and is going to be a staple for the next generation. The outdoor seating is absolutely fantastic

You have to also try their great appetizers. My favorite is the brie. After your meal, try the cookies. A must for you to take home!

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1. French Pantry!

French Pantry is always a welcome addition to anyone’s appetite! Located dead center in the industrial district off Powers Avenue, lending itself to be what it is not. Do not be fooled by the location. Once you enter, you will be taken back to days long gone. Community dining is fun and friendly. Large and small eclectic tables add a touch of old European style dining.

The food is beyond belief. There will always be a line, and they do often run out of food early (which goes to say the quality of the food). Do not let any of these hinder your decision to go eat there. I personally love the French dip sandwich. Always great. I could not sing enough accolades for this restaurant. If you were to visit one restaurant, this would be the one!

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